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Tesis formacion estelar.Image.Marked.pdf.jpg2020Star formation of ultra-faint dwarf spheroidal galaxies: formation of dwarf spheroidal galaxies = Formación estelar de galaxias enanas esferoidales ultra débiles: formación de galaxias enanas esferoidales.Aravena Núñez, Catalina Andrea
Tesis Colisiones fuera de control en cumulos.pdf.jpg2022Colisiones fuera de control en cúmulos nucleares de estrellas = Runaway collisions in Nuclear Star Clusters.Cortes Vergara, Marcelo
Barrera Retamal, Carlos Tesis.pdf.jpg2023The Chaotic Four-Body Problem in Newtonian Gravity - II. An ansatz-based approach to analytic solutions.Barrera Retamal, Carlos Mariano
Tesis_Effects_of_the_initial_mass_function.pdf.jpg2017Effects of the Initial Mass Function and Mass Segregation in the Evolution of Embedded Star Clusters .Domínguez Figueroa, Raúl Esteban
Tesis Nube Molecular California.pdf.jpg2020Nube molecular california: estudio de la dinámica del gas en el filamento L1482.Álvarez Gutiérrez, Rodrigo Hernán
Tesis_Formation.pdf.jpg2019Formation of SMBH seeds in Pop III star clusters through collisions: The importance of mass lossAlister Seguel, Patricio Javier
Tesis Molecular gas properties.Image.Marked.pdf.jpg2021Molecular gas properties of Q1700-MD94: a massive, main-sequence galaxy at z ≈ 2 = Propiedades del gas molecular de Q1700-MD94: Una galaxia masiva y de sequencia principal a z ≈ 2Henríquez Brocal, Katherine
Tesis Ian Baeza.pdf.jpg2022The First Deep Chemical Study of Globular Cluster NGC-2298 : The first spectroscopic prove of multiple population in this cluster.Baeza Mardones, Ian Nelson
Tesis Galaxy Population.pdf.jpg2020Galaxy population identification with a phylogenetic approach.Martinez Marin, Monserrat Loreto
JAVIERA IGNACIA SOTO BARRIOS.pdf.jpg2022Magnetic activity of stars using TESS data = Actividad magnética de las estrellas usando datos TESS.Soto Barrios, Javiera Ignacia