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Title: Creation of Checklist for pre-service and in service EFL Teachers to evaluate speking focused materials
Authors: Fanta Paola . Prof.Guía
Aguayo Retamal, Emy
Acuña Parada, Valentina
Keywords: Materiales de Enseñanza;Educación Bilingüe;Lenguaje y Educación;Bilingüismo - Estudio y Enseñanza
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad de Concepción. Facultad de Educación
Abstract: The aim of this study was to design a realistic assessment tool that English teachers can use to evaluate ELT materials aimed to develop the speaking skill, based on the Principles of Effective Materials Development and the Communicative Language Teaching features. The assessment tool was designed based on the information collected in an initial survey implemented among the target group composed by in-service teachers of English, and it was piloted among pre-service teachers from the English teaching program at University of Concepción. While conducting this research, information was drawn from the fields of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), material design, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), materials evaluation, the speaking skill, Principles and guidelines for material design and on the English study programmes provided by the Chilean Ministry of Education. Thus, this study intends to contribute to the evaluation English teaching materials and speaking-focused materials among Chilean teachers of English.
Description: Tesis para optar al grado de Licenciado en Educación.
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