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Title: Symplectic structure of constrained systems: gribov ambiguity and classical duals for 3D gravity.
Authors: Barnich, Glenn, supervisor de grado
Zanelli, Jorge, supervisor de grado
Salgado Rebolledo, Patricio Antonio
Keywords: Teoría de Campos (Física);Einstein, Ecuaciones de Campo de;Gluons;Partículas (Física Nuclear).
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Universidad de Concepción, Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas, Departamento de Física.
Abstract: The present thesis is divided into two parts. Part I is devoted to the study of Gribov ambiguity in gauge systems and its relation with the appearance of degeneracies in the symplectic structure of the corresponding reduced phase space after gauge fixation. Part II is concerned with classical dual field theories for three-dimensional Einstein gravity and the symplectic structure on coadjoint orbits of the corresponding asymptotic symmetry group.
Description: Tesis para optar al grado de Doctor en Ciencias Físicas.
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