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Title: Analysis and decomposition of energy consumption in the chilean industry Análisis y Descomposición del Consumo de Energía en la Industria Chilena
Authors: Dresdner Cid, Jorge , profesor guía
Durán Micco, Elisa Daniela
Keywords: Industrias - Consumo de Energía - Chile;Desarrollo Energético - Industrias;Energía - Aspectos Económicos;Recursos Energéticos - Costos;Eficiencia Energética
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Universidad de Concepción. Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas
Abstract: In a scenario of rising energy costs, global warming and climate change, energy e ciency might play a central role to reduce the impact on the en- vironment of industrial activities, while keeping the competitiveness of the industry. This Tesis aims at analyzing what explain the changes in the e - ciency of energy consumption in Chile's industry. In order to provide policy- makers with the information needed to determine whether energy e ciency policies can play a role in the industrial sector in Chile and if it is better to have a unique or a di erentiated energy e ciency policy for Chile's industry. The logarithmic mean Divisia index method I is used for the decomposition analysis.
Description: Tesis Magister en Economía de Recursos Naturales y del Medio Ambiente Universidad de Concepción 2014
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