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Title: Integrable systems and the boundary dynamics of (higher spin) gravity on AdS3.
Authors: Pérez Donoso, Alfredo; supervisor de grado
Ojeda Leyton, Emilio German
Keywords: Sistemas de Hamilton;Campos Gravitacionales;Campos de Calibre (Física)
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Universidad de Concepción.
Abstract: This thesis extends a previously found relation between the integrable KdV hierarchy and the boundary dynamics of pure gravity on AdS3 described in the highest weight gauge, to a more general class of integrable systems associated to three-dimensional gravity on AdS3 and higher spin gravity with gauge group SL(N, R) × SL(N, R) in the diagonal gauge. We present new sets of boundary conditions for the (higher spin) gravitational theories on AdS3, where the dynamics of the boundary degrees of freedom is described by two independent left and right members of a hierarchy of integrable equations. For the pure gravity case, the associated hierarchy corresponds to the Gardner hierarchy, also known as the “mixed KdV-mKdV” one, while for the case of higher spin gravity, they are identified with the “modified Gelfand-Dickey” hierarchies. The complete integrable structure of the hierarchies, i.e., the phase space, the Poisson brackets and the infinite number of commuting conserved charges, are directly obtained from the asymptotic structure and the conserved surface in tegrals in the gravitational theories. Consequently, the corresponding Miura transformation is recovered from a purely geometric construction in the bulk. Black hole solutions that fit within our boundary conditions, the Hamiltonian reduction at the boundary and more general thermodynamic ensembles called “Generalized Gibbs Ensemble” (GGE) are also discussed.
Description: Thesis to qualify for the academic degree of Doctor en Ciencias Físicas.
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