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Título : Trapezoidal Kumaraswamy Distribution .
Otros títulos : Distribución Kumaraswamy Trapezoidal.
Autor : Figueroa Zúñiga, Jorge Isaac
Sanhueza Parkes, Rodrigo Alonso
Palabras clave : Algorítmos de Expectación-Maximización;Distribución Kuamaraswamy
Fecha de publicación : 2018
Editorial : Universidad de Concepción.
Resumen : n the year 1980 Poondi Kumaraswamy proposed the Kuamaraswamy distribution, which is very similar to the beta distribution (it is also restricted to the interval (0,1)), but it has a great advantage over it, which is to have a distribution function accumulated in a closed form which is more beneficial for intensive calculation activities such as simulation modeling and estimation of models by methods based on simulation. The problem of this distribution and its extensions proposed in the following years is that they have not been able to adjust the data that sometimes are concentrated in each of the extremes or both ends independently. This work has the purpose of showing the proposal of a new distribution, which has been called trapezoidal kumaraswamy distribution which has been originated by mixing the Kumaraswamy distribution and the Beta distribution, making the tails of the density function more flexible in one of the extremes or in both of them independently with which a greater adjustment of the data is achieved. We can appreciate the properties of this new model and the estimation of parameters. Finally, a simulation study and an application of real data is presented, with the intention of showing the best adjustment obtained.
Descripción : Tesis para optar al grado de Magíster en Estadística
URI : http://repositorio.udec.cl/jspui/handle/11594/3535
metadata.dc.identifier.other: 241085
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