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Title: Trapezoidal Kumaraswamy distribution and sem algorithm.
Authors: Figueroa Zuñiga, Jorge Isaac; supervisor de grado
Toledo Balboa, Juan Guillermo
Keywords: Distribución de Kumaraswamy;Algoritmos;Teoría Bayesiana de Decisiones Estadísticas
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Universidad de Concepción.
Abstract: Models involving the Kumaraswamy distribution have been a very studied in the past years in the analysis and modeling of bounded continuos variables. In this paper we focus on one in particular: the Trapezoidal Kumaraswamy model. We present an estimation method for its parameters based on bayesian approaches: the Stochastic EM algorithm (SEM), which avoids the most common issues of the classical EM. Then, we apply this method to the daily covid-19 cases in Chile using this model.
Description: Tesis para optar al grado de Magíster en Estadística.
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